Friday, 14 November 2014

Live like royalty for a week in Egypt

I must admit for some prejudice reason I was slightly skeptical and hesitant whilst booking my holiday to Egypt Sharm El Sheikh. I had the idea in my head that apart from the beautful sunshine, it would be a pretty boring holiday. I was so used to visting Spanish islands, exploring Greek islands and having fun in Cyprus that the thought of Egypt just did not sound too appealing to me. Many advised that Egypt is a place to visit if you want a 'quiet one' and want to enjoy the all inclusive offers within the hotels, as it is too dangerous to leave. Others stated that although there were many things to see in Egypt it would be of interest to somebody of my age.

After plenty of inner debate, I eventually took the plunge and went for it. Expecting a quiet week on the sunlounger, next to the pool, drinking PiƱa colada's. However much I was looking forward to a quiet, relaxing holiday, I was very pleasantly surpised in how energetic and fun the culture in Egypt turned out to be!

Just one of two pools

Like the look of the Egyptian hotels already? Well take a look at these.

These are just a handful of photos to show how beautiful the grounds and gardens of the Egyptian hotetls are. Walking around our particular hotel felt magical. There were beautiful little bridges and streams, small gardens filled with plants and cacti, and plenty of tall palm trees to keep you shaded from the 40 degree heat. Taking a walk through the hotel will the lead you to the hotel's private beach (shown bellow).

So if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday. Then Egytp is perfect for that. Also, a week to stay in this 4* hotel cost me only a little over £600 and this included all food and drinks. However, you are certainly not confined to stay within your hotel for the majority of your stay in Sharm El Sheikh! There is plenty to do and see.

First of all the culture within Sharm El Sheikh was invigorating! There are plenty of bars, filled with the locals dancing and entertaining. I could honestly sit and watch this entertainment with a refreshing cocktail or beer and flavoured shisha for hours on end. Aside from the bars, there are plenty of shops to look around. The only downside is the amount of hastle you will get from the locals persuading you to go inside their shops. However, if you can see passed this, you will find that the Egyptians are so, so friendly. Everyone treats you like a prince or princess and makes sure you are well looked after throughout your stay. The egyptians certainly aren't selfish with the compliments, you will feel like a queen as you walk around with people telling you 'you are beautiful' or telling your boyfriend that he looks like David Beckham. 

Due to the conflicts happening in Egypt during my stay, we were unable to visit the pyramids. However, we went on an exciting all day trip to the desert, where we rode sand buggies and camels and sat in bedouin camps, whilst we were fed and entertained.

bedouin camps

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